Company profile

HIKONS engineering is a private company for designs, studies, revision and supervision in the field of Power Engineering.
The company was founded in 2000. However, its background reveals a great experience that can without doubt be compared with the modern successful firms in the world. This is due to the fact that the founders of the firm and the leading engineers are businessmen and experts with over 25 years of experience in their area of expertise. All of that represents a powerful basis for mastering engineering tasks in the country and abroad, with recognized results.
Our main areas of activities are preparation of design documentation, carrying out project management, consulting services, studies, planning, preparation of tender documentation, revision of design documentation, supervision during construction for:

  • Transformer stations and distribution systems up to 400kV;
  • Cable and overhead transmission lines up to 400kV;
  • Renewable energy (Wind parks, Photovoltaic Power Plants);
  • Thermal and hydro power plants;
  • Industrial plants;
  • Operated systems and processes;
  • Dispatching centers;
  • Energy efficiency projects;
  • Environmental protection in energy sector;
  • Public projects;
  • Rehabilitation of energetic and industrial plants


Our work is based on a close cooperation with a number of scientific institutions, specialized project organizations, home and foreign equipment manufacturers, which are directly engaged in the implementation of the works undertaken and managed by HIKONS engineering.
In addition to our team, the HIKONS engineering team of specialists, we maintain cooperation relations with a great number of external associates, experts in various fields, which are being engaged in our activities, dependant on the specific needs of our clients. Where possible, on a mutual agreement, and under the supervision of HIKONS engineering, the experts’ staff of Investor may also be engaged.
Our company, HIKONS engineering, is licensed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Republic of North Macedonia:

    LICENSE A for design of first category constructions
    LICENSE A for revision of design documentation
    LICENSE A for supervision over construction

Our main designers are fully authorized for design, revision and supervision by the Chamber of Authorized Architects and Authorized Engineers of Republic of North Macedonia

Over the past years we have worked on numerous projects in the fields of Design, Revision & Supervision of: Wind parks, Photovoltaic Powerpants, Substations, Cable and OH Transmission Lines and HPPs.